Dear Longmeadow Community:

This site contains the Administration’s recommended budget for FY15 along with data that may assist the readers in understanding the full budget picture.  One of the major goals of the FY15 budget process was to keep our costs within the allocation given by the Town Manager in order to help balance the Town’s budget.  While this was called a “level service budget”, one that keeps the same positions with additional funding for cost of living increases, adjustments were made to address student achievement needs.  This restructuring eliminated several positions while other investments in staffing, particularly of certified teachers, were added.

The Strategic Plan, now almost two years old, continues to drive our decisions.  A review of the data and curriculum confirms that our goals are still priorities that need to be addressed in order to maximize student achievement.  To this end, this budget reflects the allocations needed in staffing, materials and resources that we believe are necessary to provide a world-class education to all students in Longmeadow.

This will be a year of change as we restructure the delivery service at the elementary schools, build common schedules at the middle schools and advance our 1:1 technology initiatives at the high school.  This budget supports these changes without the need for an override.

Longmeadow Public School’s Strategic Plan is ambitious as we aim to help ALL children become proficient and advanced in their studies, yet are also cognizant of the fiscal realities of the Town and our need to seek these requests within the context of the Town’s total budget impact. For these reasons, we have not exceeded the projected increase provided by the Town in order to address our contractual obligations.

Thank you to the citizens of Longmeadow for your appreciation of education and dedication to our school system. Our focus is to meet the needs of the community while providing students with an excellent education. You should expect no less of the administration and staff at Longmeadow Public Schools.


Marie H. Doyle, Superintendent of Schools