Professional Learning

Professional Learning in Longmeadow

The Longmeadow Public School district offers numerous opportunities for adult learning. These options allow access to both external experts in 
the field of education and internal expertise from 
our Longmeadow educators.

    Professional Growth Courses (PGC)

    The PGC Handbook, published annually, lists professional development courses offered by Longmeadow educators. These courses align 
    with the goals inherent in the district Strategic Plan and address topics such as instructional technology, intervention strategies, and special education.  


    Lab Classroom (coming Winter 2014)

    Lab Classrooms allow educators to learn content 
    or pedagogy in a workshop format, then apply it in 
    a Lab Classroom where educators observe the Lab Classroom Teacher apply the new learning in an authentic classroom environment. The Lab Classroom teacher and observing educators then meet to debrief and plan instruction in their own classrooms.  

    Professional Learning Tools