Strategic Budget Impact

Using the goals outlined in the district Strategic Plan and the data resulting from both MCAS and AIMSweb, the district has identified a number budgetary action steps to address the need for increased strategic and intensive intervention. These data-driven budget modifications include the following highlighted line items:
Elementary Schools
FTE Literacy Coach - $75,000
    • Coordinate school-based RTI Teams that will develop Tier II plans at the elementary level
    • Monitor intervention plans developed by RTI Team
    • Collect and report data relative to RTI plans
    • Model instruction and intervention in response to data in every classroom
    • Additional 1.0 FTE allows full-time coach at each school
FTE Special Educators - $195,000
    • Provide intensive Tier III interventions at the elementary level
    • Allow dynamic service provision of the “triple dose” in a complex school-wide schedule
    • Apply intensive, expert intervention in very small groups or 1:1 instructional settings
FTE Academic Tutor - $31,554
    • Provide additional Tier II support to address significant reading deficiencies
    • Provide equity among elementary schools in intervention support personnel
Special Education District Program - $80,000
    • Address the needs of students in grades 1-3 who need specialized support and instruction in all areas of the curriculum with an intensive, guaranteed schedule of service
    • Deliver personalized small group instruction in a highly specialized setting
Full Day Kindergarten - $124,507
    • Significantly increase early instruction and intervention for literacy through rigorous, research-based full-day Kindergarten classrooms offered to all students across the district

Middle Schools
FTE Literacy Interventionist - $135,000
    • Monitor RTI Team intervention plans for Tier II (ELA) at the middle school level
    • Collect and report data relative to RTI plans
    • Provide strategic instruction directly to students in Tier II

Special Education District Program - $80,000
    • Provide intensive, customized, and specialized instruction classroom programming for Learning Lab Center program for seven students currently at Center School and moving to the middle school level in FY15 

Reductions to Offset Additional Expenditures
The FY15 proposed budget includes offsetting budget reductions totaling $460,941. These reductions include:
    • 4.0 FTE Resource Room Assistants
    • 1.0 FTE Education Assistant
    • 2.0 FTE Grade 6 Teachers
    • 1.0 FTE Academic Tutor
    • Special Education Tuitions
These reductions allow more effective practices for utilizing highly qualified practitioners to provide services to our most vulnerable populations.