FY 2016 Budget

The Longmeadow School Committee voted after the Public Hearing held on February 9, 2015 to approve the submission of the FY2016 School Department Budget as presented.  Below is the Superintendent's Budget Message.  The revised budget pages are posted below.  They were approved by the School Committee on August 31, 2015.

Superintendent’s FY16 Budget Message

Dear Longmeadow Community:

 This budget booklet presents the administration’s recommended budget for Longmeadow Public Schools.  The School Committee, administration and town officials have worked closely together to bring forward a budget that guarantees a high quality education for our children yet is also fiscally responsible to the Town. 

Over my five years in Longmeadow, the budget has always been built around our Strategic Plan, now three years old.  A review of the data and curriculum confirms that our goals are accurate and need to continue to be addressed in order to maximize student achievement.  To this end, the FY16 Budget reflects the necessary allocations in staffing, materials and resources that we believe are necessary to provide a world-class education to all students in Longmeadow.

Some of the work that we have addressed include:  the development of literacy programs at the elementary and middle schools, the implementation of programming courses at the high school, the addition AP Economics at the high school, the purchase of technology for all of our schools, the implementation of curriculum review cycles, the development of in-house programs for our special education students (saving the district over $750,000 over five years), professional development funding and more.  We continually revise our budget to meet the current needs of students in the district, and have always done so with less than a level service budget.

As you know, the district incurs rising costs every year.  They include areas such as utilities, salaries, out of district tuitions, teachers to balance class size, transportation costs and more.  In order for us to maintain a level service budget, the district would need approximately $1,550,000.  The school department’s conversations with the town officials resulted in a request for a reduction to our level service budget as this would be a burden to the town, so our administrative team has again strategized over the past several weeks ways to reduce expenditures while providing a quality education for our students.  We are confident that we are bringing forward a budget that does this.  After making revisions, the school department is asking for an increase in the general fund of $757,000, far less than we need to meet a level service budget. 

Here are some factors that have impacted the FY 16 Budget:

 ·         Reducing the kindergarten fee from $3000 to $2750

 ·         Evaluating bus routes and transportation costs

 ·         Reducing an administrator

 ·         Reducing secretarial staffing

 ·         Maintaining class sizes

 ·         Increasing utilities costs

 ·         Meeting contractual obligations

Thank you to the citizens of Longmeadow for your appreciation of education and dedication to our school system. Our focus is to meet the needs of all of our students by providing them with an excellent education. You should expect no less of the administration and staff at Longmeadow Public Schools.


Marie H. Doyle
Superintendent of Schools

Dianne Georgantas,
Feb 5, 2015, 5:23 AM
Dianne Georgantas,
Feb 5, 2015, 5:23 AM