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In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 76, Section 1, of the Massachusetts General Laws and except as otherwise provided by law, the Longmeadow School Committee must ensure that all children between the ages of  six (6) and sixteen (16) years of age and residing within the Town of Longmeadow regularly attend a public or approved private school, or are otherwise instructed in a manner approved in advance by the Superintendent or the School committee.  It is the policy of the Longmeadow Public Schools to delegate this approval to the Superintendent.

Individual requests for instruction of children in a setting other than in public or approved private school buildings may be granted by the Superintendent for a period of not more than one year after the application process is completed and the program is approved.

Applications shall be completed in sufficient detail to enable the Superintendent of Schools to make the final decision on each request.

Home school proposals will be approved when the Parents/Guardians have presented a home school program equal to that provided by the Longmeadow School System in its thoroughness and efficiency, and in its assessment of the progress made therein.

Any parent or guardian whose home school proposal is approved by the Superintendent for alternate home education will be responsible for maintaining an attendance register for the pupil attending that approved program.

The Superintendent may test the pupil periodically to ensure educational progress and ensure that the program is equal in depth and thoroughness to that offered by the Longmeadow Public Schools.  This testing will take place only after consultation with the parent/guardian and will be consistent with the Longmeadow Public Schools' standardized testing program.

Adopted: January 26, 2004

File:  IGBH - R


  1. Notification must be made to the Superintendent of schools by parents of their intent to home-school their child/children.
  2. On behalf of the Superintendent, the Director of Pupil Services, will process the notification and send the proposing parents/guardians a copy of the relevant policy and the associated regulation and exhibit.
  3. For a child to be home schooled, parents must submit the completed Home Education application and the proposed curriculum plan to the Director of Pupil Services.
  4. Parents may be asked to meet with the Director of Pupil Services to review the proposal and curriculum plan.
  5. The Director of Pupil Services will review the proposal and curriculum plan and consult with the school principal (and the Superintendent of Schools) when appropriate.
  6. The Director of Pupil Services will recommend approval/disapproval or modification of the curriculum plan to the Superintendent of Schools.
  7. The Superintendent of Schools will approve/request modification of/deny the home education plan based on the proposed program's demonstrated ability to provide adequate education comparable to that of the Longmeadow Public Schools.
  8. A letter of approval/request for modification/denial will be sent to the parents/guardian under the signature of the Superintendent of Schools.  If the plan is denied or a request for modification is made, parents/guardians will be notified of the reasons(s) for the request or denial and be given the opportunity to resubmit the adjusted proposal.
  9. Individual records for student with approved Home Education Plans will be updated annually and kept on file in the Director of Pupil Services' office.

January 26, 2004

Hilary Godin,
Mar 24, 2010, 7:30 AM