LPS Preschool Program

DESCRIPTION:  Longmeadow School System offers an integrated preschool program for 3 and 4 year old children residing in Longmeadow.  Our class size is 15 students.  Half the students are receiving special education services and the other half are our peer models.  Each classroom is staffed with a special education early childhood teacher and classroom assistant.  We are located at Wolf Swamp Road Elementary School.  We have two morning programs (8:50-11:15) and two afternoon sessions (11:50-2:15).   

CHILD FIND PROCEDURES:  Longmeadow School district is mandated to locate, identify, and evaluate children with suspected disability.  Referrals may come from various sources (parents, physicians, preschool programs).  Evaluations may include speech, fine motor, gross motor, and/or school psychological evaluations.  The evaluation process is free to qualifying children.  For further information contact the Pupil Services office at 565-4200. 

PRESCHOOL SCREENINGS:  Preschool screenings take place in the spring every year for potential peer models for the following school year.  The school district will send out a letter with dates for screenings.  Once the screenings have taken place staff will determine how many slots are available for peer models.  If we have more children than slots available, the staff will conduct a lottery.   


Catherine Beavis 
Preschool Coordinator 

Brooke Sledzieski 
Preschool Teacher
Tish Noonan
Preschool Teacher
 Meaghan Matthews
Occupational Therapy Assistant

Nanci McDonough 
Classroom Assistant
Patti Bussolari
Classroom Assistant

Diane Taslitt
Physical Therapy Assistant
Susan Collins
Speech Pathologist

Maureen Miller
Speech Pathologist