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A Message from the Board of Health

posted Sep 4, 2013, 9:50 AM by Dianne Georgantas

Dear Parents:

        As you probably are aware from the media, public health authorities at the state and local level have been warning residents to take preventative measures against a mosquito-borne disease, West Nile Virus, all summer long.  Individuals have been urged to avoid outdoor activities from dusk to dawn, the peak period of mosquito activity, and to use repellents and protective clothing at all times when outdoors. This warning will remain in effect until after the first hard frost (approximately late Oct.).

       The Longmeadow Board of Health requests that you provide repellent for your children’s use during outdoor gym classes and games and practices of after-school sports teams.  The Mass. Dept. of Public Health recommends the use of repellents that contain DEET, permethrin, picaridin, or IR 3535 for protection against mosquitoes.  Products containing a natural ingredient, oil of eucalyptus, also have the equivalent protective value as repellents that contain low concentrations of DEET. Repellents should not be used on facial areas close to eyes or mouths nor directly on cuts or irritated skin. When using aerosol spray products for use on the face, the product should first be sprayed onto one’s hands and then applied by hand to facial areas.

       As the fall season progresses it becomes more likely that games and practices will be-ongoing toward the time of dusk and even after nightfall.  The potential or exposure to disease-carrying mosquitoes is higher as is the urgency to take protective measures. 

      The Board of Health appreciates your cooperation in this matter and wishes the young people a successful school year and sports season.

Longmeadow Board of Health