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Full Day Kindergarten Program Survey

posted Nov 10, 2013, 10:34 AM by Dianne Georgantas
Survey – Full day Kindergarten Program

A proposal is under consideration that would change Longmeadow's half day kindergarten program to a full day program; children would attend a full six hour day, similar to the length of the day for grades 1-5. Please understand that whether or not this proposal is adopted, the curriculum that is taught will align with the rigorous Common Core Standards; this curriculum requires that children attend a full day program in order to learn all that is required- it cannot be covered in half a day.

The following are reasons that we are considering a full day Kindergarten option:

    It will increase the child's preparedness for first grade.

    It will provide more time during the day for children to
    learn at a more relaxed pace.

    It will give teachers more time to get to know and work
    with students on an individual basis.

    The Common Core Standards for learning have increased learning expectations, and teachers and children need more time for teaching and learning.

    It will still allow the children time for socialization and playtime, both of which are an integral part of learning.

In order to provide the education necessary to prepare kindergarteners for future learning,  a full day program is necessary.  At this time, charging a fee for full day Kindergarten is the only way possible to provide this service.  The Kindergarten Committee would like your input before finalizing any recommendation.

The link to take this survey is  Please take a few moments to respond to the questions. We value and thank you for your input.