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Longmeadow Life Long Learning

posted Mar 6, 2014, 1:24 PM by Dianne Georgantas
Longmeadow Life Long Learning
Press Release
March 6,  2014

Longmeadow's Lifelong Learning classes begin on Tuesday, April 1!  A variety of afternoon and evening courses will be offered for a nominal fee.   The fee for most of these five week courses will be $35,  and a reduced rate of $20 is available as needed.

You may register online or by paper starting on Wednesday, March 12.  Online registration will be on district website.   Paper registration will occur at the Senior Center at Greenwood Community Center.

Community Theatre will be offered two nights a week ( you must attend both Tuesday and Thursday nights.)  The cost for theatre is $50.

Questions?  Please call Stacy Smith at
565-4239 or send her an email at