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LPS Undertakes Special Education Opportunities Review

posted May 26, 2010, 6:13 AM by Dianne Georgantas

I’m pleased to share that the Longmeadow Public School District is undertaking a Special Education Opportunities Review.  This review is part of our ongoing efforts to continuously improve through reflection and research. While we are proud of the quality of services provided to students with special needs and the hard work of our staff  who help all children achieve at high levels, tight budgets and ever higher expectations require us to look for ways to further increase student learning and control spending.


The district will be working with District and Community Partners to conduct an Opportunities Review of Longmeadow’s special education program.  This systematic study will examine our current special education services, programs, procedures, staffing, and costs. Seventy-five specific strategies intended to increase student achievement and lower costs will be reviewed, and those strategies representing the highest potential for improving student outcomes and cost savings for the district will be identified.  The result will potentially be overall improved delivery of services to special education students and parents, a better picture of what the appropriate levels of staff and services are for the district, and significant cost savings.


The Special Education Opportunities Review includes:


·        Compile student achievement and spending data.

·        Conduct interviews with staff, special education leadership, principals, special education teachers, and parents.

·        Visit classrooms.

·        Administer online surveys.

·        Analyze data for trends and opportunities.

·        Benchmark to similar districts.

·        Identify three to five highest leverage opportunities and commend current successes.

·        Share findings with district leaders and survey participants.

·        Host a retreat to plan implementation

·        Provide a comprehensive report that highlights commendable practices already in the district and three to five high leverage opportunities.


For more information:  Contact Susan Bertrand, Director of Pupil Services at