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Notice to Parents - Delayed Entry Days 2010-2011

posted Aug 6, 2010, 7:48 AM by Dianne Georgantas

In June, the building principals from all of the Longmeadow Public Schools presented a proposal to the School Committee.  We proposed that the Committee consider a pilot which would allow our teachers to collaborate within and across our buildings.  The proposal asked that the Committee approve several days over the course of the school year when the school day for students would begin later and the time created by these later starts would be used for this collaboration time.  Later in June, the Committee approved the pilot.  The Committee asked principals to draft a letter to parents clearly outlining what we hope to accomplish with this additional professional collaboration time.  The Committee also asked that an evaluation tool be created to assess the effectiveness of the pilot and to allow for parent feedback.  This letter will outline this new pilot.


We currently have a schedule of monthly staff meetings at each building which serve a variety of purposes.  Depending on the school, some of this time is spent as a full staff addressing school-wide needs and initiatives and some of the time is spent meeting by departments discussing curriculum, teaching and learning.  There is currently very little time available for teachers to meet with their colleagues from other schools who share a common discipline.  With three elementary schools and two middle schools in town, this cross-school collaboration is critical to developing a strong, comprehensive curriculum and instruction plan from pre-K through grade 12.  This common release time will allow for both grade-level collaboration and elementary-middle-high school collaboration.


For this pilot year, the proposal allows for three (3) late start days at the high school and four (4) late start days for the elementary schools.  At the middle school level, the proposal allows for seven (7) late start days.  The primary reason behind the difference in number of release days is based primarily on Time-on-Learning requirements at the state level.  All schools have a minimum number of hours they must meet each year and, at the middle level, there is additional time available to allow for more release time.

During these late start days, the Longmeadow Parks and Recreation Department (LPRD) will offer child care at the Greenwood Center.  LPRD is an EEC-licensed facility.  Parents may drop off their student as early as 7:15am and LPRD will transport to school via their LPRD van or a rented bus.  LPRD will offer gym time, art or free play.  Parents are welcome to pack a peanut-free snack for their child to enjoy OR LPRD can offer a standard snack and build that into the fee. The cost will be $17 per child, per date.  LPRD can maintain a 10:1 child to staff ratio.  During these mornings, LPRD plans to allow elementary and middle school children to interact.  Interested parents should register with LPRD.


During the second half of the school year, you will have an opportunity to offer feedback on how the late start days are working.  We will also be assessing the program internally and gathering data to help us determine if this is an effective and productive use of time.                                                                         

On each of the late start days listed below, students will arrive at school two hours later than normal.  The arrival times are different depending on the level (elementary, middle, high) your child(ren) attend.  The dates are as follows:


Date of Delayed Start

Participating Schools

September 30

Middle Schools Only

October 28

All Schools

December 2

Middle Schools Only

January 27

All Schools

March 24

Elementary & Middle Schools Only

April 28

Middle Schools Only

May 19

All Schools


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the principal at the school in which your student/s attend.


Thank you.




Longmeadow Public Schools Principals


Marie Pratt, Principal, Blueberry Hill Elementary School            565-4280

Donna Hutton, Principal, Center Elementary School                   565-4290

Kimberly Stillwell, Princpal, Wolf Swamp Elementary School      565-4270

Michael Sullivan, Principal, Glenbrook Middle School                 565-4250

Christopher Collins, Principal, Williams Middle School                565-4260

Lawrence Berte, Principal, Longmeadow High School                 565-4220














Dianne Georgantas,
Aug 6, 2010, 7:50 AM