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School Crossing Guards Wanted

posted Sep 29, 2011, 7:06 AM by Dianne Georgantas

The Longmeadow Police Department is looking for people to work as school crossing guards.  The department currently needs two full time vacancies and several reserve/substitute.  Substitute crossing guards are necessary as they assist the police department in staffing school crossing posts whenever regularly assigned crossing guards are absent. 

 The police department’s crossing guards are responsible for ensuring the safety of children traveling to and from the town’s schools.  Work includes stopping traffic and escorting children safely across streets.

 Most crossing assignments are approximately 45 minutes in duration per crossing period.  Usually, morning crossings starting at about 8:00 AM with dismissal time crossings beginning at about 2:40 PM.  Depending upon their availability, a substitute crossing guard may be asked to work a morning and/or afternoon crossing, while a guard working a “regularly assigned” crossing would be asked to work during both mornings and afternoons.  “Full-time” and substitute crossing guards’ compensation is currently set at $10.03 per crossing period.

 For further information on the school crossing guard program, please telephone Crossing Guard Supervisor Linda Mooney at 567-3311 ext 132.