Longmeadow recommends Chromebooks for BYOD participants.

Chromebooks come with the following benefits: 
    • Seamless integration with students' school-provided accounts
    • Google Drive for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, live collaboration, and more
    • Maintenance-free computing with automatic updates
    • Built-in protection from viruses and malware
    • Automatic backup of files to the cloud
    • Unlimited cloud storage for educational accounts
    • Excellent battery life and portability
    • High affordability

    Because all Chromebooks run the same Chrome OS software, the experience of using a Chromebook is largely the same, no matter which model you purchase. Differences between makes and models are primarily limited to:
    • Display size
    • Display resolution (sharpness)
    • Build quality/durability
    • Pricing

    While students are welcome to choose whichever Chromebook best suits their own tastes, Longmeadow recommends the following models:

    Dell CRM3120-1667BLK 11.6-Inch Chromebook

    The Dell 11.6-Inch Chromebook is designed specifically for education. It features ruggedized construction, including a reinforced hinge, and a sealed keyboard and trackpad. As of this writing, it is available on Amazon for $240.

    ASUS Chromebook C300MA 13.3 Inch

    The Asus Chromebook C300MA doesn't feature the ruggedized construction of the Dell Chromebook. That being said, it remains a well-built and competent machine, and includes a larger 13.3 inch display. As of this writing, it is available on Amazon for $219.

    If you choose an alternative model, we strongly recommend picking one that uses an Intel processor, and 2 GB of RAM or greater.