Facility Needs for Middle Schools

On March 2, 2022, the MA School Building Authority Board of Directors voted to invite Longmeadow into the MSBA’s Eligibility Period. During the 270-day Eligibility Period, the District will work with the MSBA to fulfill several requirements including forming a building committee, completing a district enrollment study, and executing an agreement to complete a feasibility study. Upon completion of these requirements the District would be considered for an invitation into the Feasibility Study phase of the MSBA capital pipeline.

Middle School Building Committee Roster

Voting Member:
Armand Wray, Chair, and Community Representative Yes
Julie Morgan, Vice Chair, and School Committee Yes
Marty O'Shea, Superintendent of Schools Yes
Lyn Simmons, Town Manager Yes
Josh Levine, Select Board Yes
Nicole Choiniere, School Committee Yes
Chad Thompson, Procurement Manager No
Paul Pasterczyk, Finance Director No
Nick Georgantas, Facilities Director No
Nikcole Allen, Principal No
Elizabeth Nelson, Principal No
Thomas Mazza, Asst. Superintendent for Finance and Operations No
Carissa Rosenblum, Community Representative Yes
Christopher Legiadre, Community Representative Yes
David McGrane, Community Representative Yes

Approved by the MSBA 10/18/2022

The School Building Committee has a group email for all members of the committee: sbcmiddle@longmeadow.k12.ma.us

LPS Middle Schools: The Longmeadow School Committee is actively working with the Select Board and other stakeholders to ensure that Longmeadow middle schools’ substantial facility needs are addressed cost effectively and in a manner that provides future students with safe, up-to-date learning environments. To this end, the District prepared Statements of Interest (“SOIs”) under the MA School Building Authority’s core program. Successful applications to the MSBA’s core program provide partial funding for extensive repairs, renovations, addition/renovations, and new school construction.

April 13, 2021 - The Longmeadow School Committee received an updated conditions report from Colliers Project Leaders.
The report files are posted here:
4/2021 Colliers Report on Middle School Needs

Both, the School Committee and the Town Select Board considered and approved the Statements of Interest (SOIs) for both middle schools. The latest Statements of Interests were submitted in May, 2021.