Facility Needs for Middle Schools

LPS Middle Schools: I hope you are aware that the Longmeadow School Committee is actively working with the Select Board and other stakeholders to ensure that Longmeadow middle schools’ substantial facility needs are addressed cost effectively and in a manner that provides future students with safe, up-to-date learning environments. To this end, the District is preparing Statements of Interest (“SOIs”) under the MA School Building Authority’s core program. Successful applications to the MSBA’s core program provide partial funding for extensive repairs, renovations, addition/renovations, and new school construction.

The Statements of Interest which were submitted in 2017 were updated and presented to the School Committee and Select Board for possible submission again in April, 2018. Both, the School Committee and the Town Select Board considered and approved the Statements of Interest (SOIs) for both middle schools, and the updated SOIs were submitted to the MSBA on April, 4, 2018.

Here is a timeline based on a spring 2018 submission:

  • Spring ‘18: Submission of Statement of Interest
    • Must be approved by SB (approved 3/19/2018) and SC (approved 3/14/2018)
    • Need to demonstrate a high level of need
  • April ‘18 – Dec ‘18: MSBA reviews applications
  • Jan ‘19 - Oct ‘19: Eligibility Period – 270 days
    • Invitation to Core Program
    • Formation of School Building Committee
    • Town meeting to provide authorization and funding for Feasibility Study
  • Oct ‘19 – Sept 20: Formation of Project Team
    • OPM selection
    • Designer selection
  • Fall ‘20 to Fall ‘22: Scope and Budget Development
    • Feasibility study
    • Option Identification
    • Scope and budget development
    • Appropriation at Town Meeting for construction costs
    • MSBA agreements
  • Fall ‘22 to Fall ’25: Detailed Design and Construction
    • Design Development
    • Construction Documentation
    • Bidding
    • Construction
    • design, construction, opening

The SOIs which were presented to the Select Board are posted below.

The School Committee held Public Forums on October 18th and 19th, 2016 to collect input from the community regarding the substantial facility needs of the middle schools. A link to the video from October 19th can be found here. Below is the Power Point presentation shown by Superintendent O'Shea.