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Thomas Mazza

Assistant Superintendent 

for Finance and Operations

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Mary Talbot-Barry

Asst. Business Manager

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Christine Fontaine


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The Business Office is responsible for the operations of all financial aspects of the School Department.  This includes preparation and supervision of the budget, assuring that all spending is within the structure and confines of the School Committee policies and guidelines.   Other financial responsibilities include processing and oversight of District fees and special revenues of various sources such as full-day kindergarten and preschool, tuition, transportation, donations, grants, etc.  Comprehensive financial reporting to the School Committee’s Finance Sub-Committee is done on a regular basis, as well as to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in the form of periodical reports including the annual End-of-Year Financial Report.

Other responsibilities of the Business Department include customer service for the public and employees regarding: transportation, busing and bus passes, facilities and facility use, school lunch program, and employee benefits. Employees and the public are encouraged to contact the Business Office for any needs or concerns they may have.

Building Use Request 

COMMUNITY USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES   Questions should be directed to the School Business Office                                              Building Use Request Form


The Longmeadow School Committee believes that the public schools should be community resources. The public, staff and students should all cooperate in the production of the best possible education for both youth and adult citizens. Although the education of our students must take precedence, whenever possible, community use of school facilities will be encouraged.


The School Committee of the Longmeadow Public Schools favors the use of school facilities for the benefit of the community as a whole by responsible civic, charitable and private organizations located within the Town of Longmeadow or similar outside organizations represented by a responsible Longmeadow resident when such activities do not interfere with school programs. This policy shall be so administered that no organization monopolizes the use of these facilities, with preference given to youth serving organizations. School facilities shall not be used, however, for private gain by an individual, group of individuals or business firm, without compensation to the Longmeadow Public Schools. The School Committee and/or its designated representatives reserves the right of its members to attend all functions and meetings held on school property.


A. Public use of school facilities will be permitted only on days when school is in session, subject to the approval of the Superintendent of Schools, as represented by the School Business Manager. Special permission must be granted by the School Committee and/or its designated representatives for use of buildings on days when school is not in session, with the exception that weekend use of Longmeadow High School during non-vacation periods may be approved by the Superintendent of Schools, as represented by the School Business Manager. Exceptions to this are as follows:

a. Long term or repetitive use of a school facility by a single group or organization (greater than 15 consecutive weeks per calendar year) would require special approval from the School Committee with the exception of the Pool and Gymnasium which would be approved in accordance with Section A.

b. Any group, other than youth activities, with an anticipated attendance of greater than fifty would require special approval from the School Committee. 

B. Rental charges, when applicable, shall be made to cover costs of public use of school facilities. Colleges, universities, non-Longmeadow organizations, and for-profit entities such as businesses, camps, clinics, enrichment programs, tutors, dance and theater groups will be charged standard rental fees.

Depending on the nature of the activity, additional custodial, equipment, technical assistance, and kitchen supervisor fees may be charged. Proof of insurance by these groups may be required. 

Exceptions to the standard rental rates will apply to activities sponsored by the following groups only:

Group 1: Longmeadow School or Town Government activities. No building rental fees will be assessed for School Related Activities including those events whose participants are members of the student body under the supervision of an employee of the Longmeadow Public Schools and those activities conducted for the benefit of the student body. (Examples include PTO/PTA/PAC, LEEF, Booster Groups or Park & Recreation activities that benefit Booster Groups). No rental fees shall be charged for town government related activities, which include town meetings and elections.

Group 2: Longmeadow Community Service organizations. Rental fees may be waived for non-profit civic groups whose activities are deemed by the School Committee to be for the welfare of the community and for whom the payment of rental fees would be a hardship. (Examples include Scouts and Gardeners on the Green).

Group 3: Non-profit organizations. Rental fees will be reduced for all activities operated by the Parks and Recreation Department of the Town of Longmeadow and for all Longmeadow based non-profit groups such as youth or adult sports groups, dance, theater, social clubs, and other non-profit organizations who demonstrate IRS tax exempt status.

Note: Depending upon the nature of the activity, additional custodial, equipment, technical assistance, and kitchen supervisor fees may be charged to Groups 1 through 3 listed above.

C. The School Committee, acting on behalf of the Town of Longmeadow, and employees of the Longmeadow Public Schools shall not be held liable for any actions or accidents occurring or resulting from the use of school facilities by any individual or organization.

D. The School Committee and/or its duly authorized representative acting through the Superintendent shall be the sole judge as to the qualifications of any organization requesting use of a school facility. It reserves the right to change or modify any rules regarding use of school facilities without notice. Such changes, when made, will take effect from the date of change and will not be retroactive.

E. The Superintendent and/or their designated representative may approve relocation of an event or activity upon necessity due to unforeseen developments or natural disasters.

Approved: 1/27/2014